Vertical Reality 201

Vertical Reality 201

Vertical Reality 201


Living in the Vertical Moment

Overview/Course Goals: You will acquire new skills for integrating and evolving your experience of Verticality. You will learn to entrain with humans and assist others in healing.

You have integrated the experiences and embraced the tools from Vertical Reality 101 and now you are ready for more. This is the course where you learn to entrain with humans, energetically evolving your ability to merge in love and acceptance. You will form an even greater connection with source and All That Is by learning to further expand your vertical flow.

You will learn to increase your hands-on healing ability regardless of your past training, and evolve this ability to facilitate healing on the planet. What a gift! You will become a power-point of peace, love, and compassion.

Vertical Reality 101 is a pre-requisite. You may continue to use your Vortex Pendant from 101 or your may choose to embrace the 201 Pendant. The choice is yours.

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