Welcome to the University of Integrated Science

We're excited to announce our new global headquarters!

The University of Integrated Science Research and Training Center. This modern facility boasts a full Tachyon treatment center, separate classrooms for training, a Tachyon Chamber, an active research center, and so much more. 

We're dedicated to enhancing your education and health, and this expansion is just one way we do that. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to invest in your future! 

At UISCA we redefine the boundaries between empirical knowledge and spiritual insight. Established in 1993, UISCA has been at the forefront of an educational revolution, where rigorous scientific methods meet deep spiritual understanding. This integrated approach not only enhances our comprehension of the natural world but also enriches our connection to the essence of human existence.

Integrated Science is not merely a field of study; it's a transformative philosophy that interweaves the rigor of scientific inquiry with the profound depths of spiritual wisdom. This convergence aims to cultivate a comprehensive understanding that respects and enhances both dimensions of human knowledge.

Our curriculum is designed to go beyond conventional scientific disciplines. It encourages a broader perspective, considering the interconnectedness of all life forms and the universe itself. This holistic view fosters a deeper appreciation for the complexities of both the material and immaterial aspects of existence.

We offer programs that delve into the transformative potential of humans, focusing on cognitive, emotional, and spiritual growth. These courses are designed to empower students to lead meaningful changes in their lives and in their communities.

Our specialized Tachyon courses focus on pain management, Sports injury therapy and organ-specific health challenges integrate traditional medical knowledge with holistic practices, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of how to approach health issues through multiple lenses.

The core philosophy of our university stresses the inseparable nature of mind, body, and spirit. Our educational model is structured to support the development of each aspect, ensuring a balanced and enriching learning experience.

Contact our office to book treatment or check for upcoming workshops. We currently are not posting all global workshops, contact us for updates.