Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does UISCA recognize life experience as credit towards a degree? 
Yes. As an adjunct to distance learning programs, UISCA may grant credit for life/work experience.

2. How do degree programs work at UISCA? 
UISCA (University of Integrated Science California) provides an official pathway for academic qualifications by crediting previous accomplishments as well as UISCA courses. Degrees can reflect life experience in major studies areas when approved by UISCA faculty.

3. How do I apply? 
Under Degree Programs you can go to Applying to UISCA to download the Assessment form. Fill this out completely and mail along with copies of your diplomas, certificates, licenses, and any other proof of your studies for which you wish credit, to UISCA. The full address is provided on the form. You will be notified of your credits once the assessment is completed.

4. What are the Life Experience evaluation costs? 
There is a non-refundable fee of $149.00 for the assessment. However, there is no cost to current affiliates of Advanced Tachyon Technologies.

5. What tuition applies to each UISCA degree? 
Please refer to Degree Programs and click on Registration Fees.

6. Are the UISCA degrees legal? 
Degrees attained by on-site courses as well as virtual learning are just as valid as those attained by a student spending four years in a classroom. In many cases, a UISCA degree can validate and represent many years – even a lifetime - of specialized work, general knowledge, and value-added accomplishment. These degrees are both legal and a source of pride for students who attain them.

7. Is UISCA accredited by the United States government? 
The idea of centralized government control over higher education in the United States was rejected in favor of a system of voluntary regional accreditation organizations. Membership in any one of the several U.S. regional accrediting associations is strictly voluntary. These regional accrediting associations are privately owned and operated. In other words, they are not owned or operated by the U.S. Government or the U.S. Department of Education.

At this time, recognized regional accrediting organizations only accept member instuitions that are dedicated to traditional education requiring residency and classroom attendance. Therefore, UISCA cannot be considered as a member. UISCA does not seek membership because it is dedicated to educating a global community and providing online education to many who cannot afford to travel or maintain residency for classroom instruction.

8. Are there other schools with similar programs that claim they are accredited? 
Yes. There is no global or national control on the use of the word "accredited.” If a school offers a program similar to one at UISCA, it may not be accredited by an agency recognized by the US Department of Education. Unless accreditation is recognized by the US DOE, there will be limitations to the degree's acceptance. Those limitations include professional license requirements, federal program funding, and traditional graduate school admittance.

9. What guarantee do I have that my degree will be accepted? 
UISCA cannot guarantee who will accept a degree. However, there is a high level of acceptance for the degrees issued by UISCA. Acceptance is a decision made by other organizations with varying requirements. The UISCA degree reflects substantial accomplishments as well as prepares the graduate for service in many different professional areas.

10. Is the degree verifiable? 
Yes. Permanent files at UISCA contain student records. Any third party you authorize, for example, an employer, can obtain a certified copy of transcripts. A small administration fee applies to each certified copy.

11. Can I have my degree Apostled? 
Yes. UISCA can help get a degree apostled.

12. What use does my degree have in the world of work? 
Some people want a degree to attain a better job. Oftentimes, a person with a degree will be chosen over a person without one, although the latter may have more experience and knowledge. Having a degree will level the playing field and considerably improve prospects.

Of course, there are those who are not concerned about employment prospects. They might be self employed, retired, or happy with their current employment level. Even so, these people may want the personal satisfaction of knowing their knowledge can be transferred into a degree. They may want to hang their diploma on a wall and feel proud of their accomplishments. In addition, they can see that their financial investment in learning paid off with recognized accreditation.

13. If I get a Bachelor's Degree, can I get into a graduate school? 
Since UISCA is a  degree granting institution, there are no particular government programs of affiliation. Applicants who wish to follow-up a first degree by attending a traditional graduate school should check with that school to see if UISCA undergraduate degrees are accepted.

14. What physical location is given for a degree from UISCA? 
The appropriate UISCA campus or satellite address appears on the diploma for each degree.

15. In which disciplines does UISCA offer degree programs? 
Currently, UISCA is offering Associate, Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Transformational Science, Tachyon Holistic Wellness, Holistic Wellness, as well as a Master's degree in Live Food and Nutrition, and a Master's Degree in Tantra and the Science of Human Sexuality. 

16. Can I apply for a major of my choice? 
Yes. However, eligibility criteria must be met or exceeded. Please see Degree Programs for this information.

17. Do I receive transcripts? 
Yes. Transcripts are included with your graduation package. The transcripts will show a full course of study to meet the requirements of your degree. Grades at UISCA indicate (P) for passing. The degree programs are open architecture and performance is pass – fail.

18. Can I contact UISCA directly? 
At this time we request that you contact us through UISCA Support Request Form.

19. What does a student receive upon graduation? 
The payment for each degree guarantees a diploma, transcripts and a Letter of Recommendation from the President.

20. Can I obtain a replacement diploma if the document is damaged? 
If the diploma is damaged in shipping, it will be replaced without cost. If damage or loss occurs later, replacement is possible for a fee. Just reference a student number for accessing files and records.

21. How can I phone you? 
At this time we ask you not to phone. Our efficient online setup accommodates high volume so UISCA staff does not engage in routine phone calls. In this way, UISCA is able to keep tuition costs down. We suggests that applicants and students read through the web site – especially the FAQ. If there is a specific question that still needs an answer please use our UISCA Support Request Form.

22. How does UISCA contribute to the overall educational process? 
UISCA enrolls working professionals in distant learning programs offering Associate, Bachelor and Master programs. Many students with degrees from UISCA go on to succeed in professional careers.

23. What student support services does UISCA provide? 
There is a personal faculty contact for UISCA students. Contact us via UISCA Support Request Form.

24. What if a student aborts studies after enrolling? 
Anyone is free to discontinue or postpone studies until a later, more convenient time.

25. If I do not qualify for criteria mentioned on your site, can I still apply? 
UISCA will not accept applications without qualifying documentation and other criteria. This policy ensures that UISCA maintains the highest standards for academic excellence to meet core values.

26. What if I have a question not answered here? 
First read carefully all information provided on the web site. If you need to ask a question, please be specific and use the UISCA Support Request Form.