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Cellphone Radiation Isn’t Harmful 
To Apple’s HealthThey’re Protected.

But You’re Not!

Groundbreaking study reveals the strongest
link yet between cell phone radiation and cancer.
Important advice for all consumers.


Does Cell Phone Radiation Cause Cancer?

Can cell phones cause entropy?
"YES", says Dr. Gabriel Cousens.


Cell Phone EMFs: Hidden Epidemic

In today's modern age of science
we collectively appreciate many benefits
of  technology... 


EMFs, Computers and Health

There are dozens of scientific studies
reporting adverse effects ELFs and EMFs have on our bodies.
Yes, Tachyon is the solution!


      EMFs and Biological Systems

It is possible to protect yourself and your
loved ones from the EMFs produced in your
home and/or workplace. In fact, you can
do more than simply protect your family…... 


Exploring EMFs and Health

Health problems associated with
electromagnetic fields is becoming
less and less debatable.


Cell Phone, EMF Dangers and Solutions

Current research reveals that the concern we should be focusing on is not if cell phones cause cancer, but do cell phones exhaust our energetic structure.


Birth of Tachyonization

Through the search for Free Energy,
science postulated at first, and then
indirectly proved, Tachyon energy exists.


Examining the Impact of EMFs

Electromagnetism typically associated with
household appliances can result in a significant
decline in muscular resistance and capacity. 


Man-made Frequency Fields are
Causing Health Issues

     Perhaps no other technological innovation
     has exerted as profound an impact upon
     the history of human civilization as
     has electricity. 


University Warns of Cell Phone Radiation and Cancer

The head of a prominent cancer research
institute at the University of Pittsburgh issued an unprecedented warning to his faculty and staff.


Humans and EMFs

William Bennett, environmental consultant New World Institute in Santa Cruz, wrote the following report on the performance of Tachyonized Silica on humans.


EEG Brain Research with Tachyon

The test results demonstrate the powerful ability of Tachyonized materials to balance both the right and
left brain hemispheres.


Man-made Magnetic Fields

While there are many ways in which exposure to electricity can cause health risks or negative biological responses, the most substantial type of risk pertains to the electric and magnetic fields that are formed when electricity is in use.


ELFs and Mice Experiment with Tachyon

The purpose of these experiments was to systematically track the effects of ELFs on a biological systems and to determine what effects Silica Disk has.