Computers and Health

Computer ELF (extremely low frequency) and EMF (electro-magnetic frequency) emissions have been implicated in a multitude of health issues. A reason for this is found in the published papers of David Wagner, Professor of Transformational Science, UISCA. In his papers he demonstrates how SOEFs (subtle organizing energy fields) are depleted and destroyed by bifurcating ELFs and EMFs. The imbalances will always be different from person to person depending on the uniqueness of their system, or the weakness of the SOEFs at the time of depletion. The key is to stop the EMFs and ELFs that are emitted by manmade sources. 

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The following research study shows how the depletion and destruction of a fruit fly’s SOEF leads to mutation and sterility on a large scale.

Are computers making us sick?
Comprehensive studies report the adverse effects that ELFs and EMFs have on our health. Anyone who sits in front of a computer screen can feel the draining effects of these devices. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in a report, states that ELFs, "are a probable human carcinogen." A study was conducted to measure the effects that EMFs and ELFs have on fruit flies. Fruit flies were chosen because they have been vital to the academic investigation understanding of genetics. Under proper conditions it takes only 8-10 days for a fruit flies egg to develop into a mature adult. This make it possible for many generations of fruit flies to be studied in a short period of time.

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The Study:
Fruit flies were acquired from an organic fruit dealer. An open-air, screen-covered test site was set up and the environment was moderated using a heating pad. A temperature between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit was maintained. The larvae used in the control study were grown on an organic peach. New organic, pesticide-free fruit was introduced every ten days. By the 13th day the study clearly demonstrated an increasing density in the fly population. Normal propagation was observed for an additional 47 days making the complete length of the control study 60 days. 

Two new test sites were constructed utilizing the same dimensions and materials as the control study site and were maintained at a constant temperature between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Adult fruit flies from the control study and new peaches were introduced into both new sites. In order to truly test the effects of EMFs and ELFs on the fly population and propagation, a common computer screen referred to as a CRT (cathode ray tube) was used. Each site received identical CRTs. In both sites the flies were placed less than an inch away from the screen. The CRTs were then turned on and left on, broadcasting a strong EMF and ELF field which was verified with a Gauss meter. 

The fruit flies seemed to propagate normally for the first three generations. Then, at about day 36, many of the new adult fruit flies started developing deformities and the overall population was smaller. In the next two sets of new adults there were fewer normal flies and a drastically reduced local population. By day 52 the entire experiment was completed. All of the flies had either stopped propagating or were unable to propagate because of mutation. The conclusion was that the effects of the ELFs and EMFs caused the mutations and within five generations the end of the fly population. This data supports a report by Kaiser Permanente that claimed that pregnant women who spent more than six hours per day in front of a computer screen had twice the frequency of miscarriages. Below are some of the deformities observed.

Short-Winged Flies: 
These flies had such short wings they could not fly. It is believed they acquired on the second chromosome a defect in their "vestigial gene".

Curly-Winged Flies: 
A couple of the flies seemed to have curled up wings, the result of the "curly gene" on the second chromosome.

Yellowish Flies: 
Several of the new adults seemed have more yellow than typical. The conclusion was these flies acquired a defect in their "yellow gene", which is on the X chromosome. Since the yellow gene is needed to produce a fly’s normal black pigment these mutant flies were not able to reproduce this pigment.

White-Eyed Flies: 
One fly acquired white eyes indicating a defect in its "white gene", which normally produces red pigment in the eyes.

Tachyonized Silica Disks:
At the testing sites, Tachyonized Silica Disks were installed over the breaker box which provided power to the CRT. The results were, there were no visible signs of mutations or lack of propagation. By the end of the 60 days the population was equal to that of the control study group in which no CRTS were placed next to the habitat.

The Fruit Fly study took five months to complete. The results were quite obvious and enlightening. The ELFs and EMFs from the CRT in the studies with no Tachyonized Silica Disks to mediate their effects proved deadly! Simply put, fruit flies cannot survive in a strong ELF and EMF field. The results of the study clearly demonstrate that Tachyonized Silica Disks can protect you, your family and your loved ones from the harmful effects of ELFs and EMFs.