Alumni Comments

uisca-alumni-1-.jpgJust A Few Of Our 1000's Alumi Comments

UISCA Teachers 
  • "Loving people….beautiful and supporting atmosphere!" - Y.M., UK  
  • "... the teacher is exceptionally qualified and knowledgable about tachyon. She answered all my questions." - J.O., North Carolina
  • "Professional, openhearted and loving presentation." -  L.K., Denmark
  • "...the teacher was warm and compassionate, and created an atmosphere of safety" - CC., Massachusetts 
  • "I felt honored and respected throughout the whole class. The teacher was extremely compassionate as she guided me through several emotional releases. I felt safe." - J.C, New Jersey 
Vertical Reality 
  • "This course showed me that challenges are my opportunities to work on my issues and grow" - P.M., California 
  • "What an incredible experience. This course has changed my life for the better. There was an exchange of knowledge and wisdom, as well as an exchange of compassion and love." - M.H., Massachusetts
  • "I now have clarity as to the direction I want my life to flow." - E.H, Canada
  • "The Vertical Moment is the place I have been searching for for the last 16 years. Now I have the tools to go there any time I want." M.W., Georgia  
  • "This course went beyond my expectations of what I imagined I would experience and receive. I feel expanded in my core and I experience continual energetic changes in my heart. I am interacting with others in greater balance and less emotional charge." H.S., Maine
  • "I love the realization that being in vertical alignment I am constantly attuned to the flow of God's light, and there is no need for protection." - R.P., Belgium
  • "This course helped me take a quantum leap in the evolution of my consciousness." - S.N., England
 Tachyon Holistic Wellness
  • "I learned so much valuable information about all the tachyon products that I feel very comfortable making suggestions for my clients. I am excited to integrate all of this into my practice." - M.N., Massachusetts
  • "As a medical doctor who is interested in the healing force, I see this making my work much easier. It has opened a window to real healing." -R.D., Belgium
  • "The class was unbelievable. Tachyon has expanded and bettered my life so much. I now feel the amazing potential of life again." - E.M., UK
  • "I very much enjoyed learning how to do TLC balancing sessions with the TLC Bars. The experiences during the class were profound for a number of the students. I have personally used the tachyon products for a number of years and now that I am confident in their use I look forward to incorporating all of the information from this class into my alternative healthcare practice." - K.B., Massachusetts
  • "I have received fantastic knowledge and tools for my practice." - P.D., Florida
 Personal Stress Management
  • "This course was an eye opener and offered me tools to recognize stress (in my life and the lives of those around me), understand it and its implications, as well as how to deal with it and successfully take charge of my life." - A.M., Pennsylvania
  • "This class gave me a good way to explain to my patients why stress will cause health problems." - R.R., Pennsylvania 
  • "A refreshing approach, with profound insight into how to manage stress with honesty and clarity." S.R., Pennsylvania
  • "This course opened my eyes to stress. It can be overcome!" - W.W., New York
Singles Tantra Courses including the Tantra Meditation Retreat
  • "The meditations and exercises created powerful and unexpected changes in my entire life. I feel like I have come home, and it is such a relief. I now have the tools to live Tantra, not just have it be something that I do in a workshop. I am profoundly grateful."  George
  • "Everything is alive, fresh and vibrant. The eyes in particular are working in a way that sees    everything as if the colour has been enhanced. Things seem to radiate around me - trees, animals, people, rocks. Everyday has been amazing since the last Tantra course."  Michael
  • "Just wanted to say how much I got from the workshop. My experiences there have affected me on a very deep level. I feel freer and more in my power. Naturally this has had a very positive affect on my relationship."   Jem
  • "I have done innumerable workshops and trainings over 30 years and have never felt so much light and love, or seen people change so profoundly and with so much fun and playfulness."
  • "The level of trust and love and the humor created such a foundation that anything and everything is possible.It is so jubilously wonderful! So much change without effort. The transformation in the group was astounding. It is the most beautiful journey I have ever taken."    Veethi
 Soul Mate Tantra Masters Program
  • "Tantra has given a spiritual dimension to our lives; and experience of oneness with ourselves, with each other, and ultimately a realisation that we are part of everything. Separation is merely an illusion."    Mark and Kinga S.
  • "We were drifting, possibly apart. Tantra has brought us back together and we are now meeting in new and exciting ways; discovering hidden depths in each other and ourselves. A totally different way of being and relating".   Keith B. and Sylvia L.
  • "This training has transcended our relationship from one of conflict and inconsistent commitment to one of solid love, devotion, ecstasy and deep commitment."  Alexandra L.
  • "I enrolled in this course at the age of 60, not knowing what Tantra was all about. I had never heard of Tantra. I had just gotten married and my partner and I searched the website for some course to enrich our relationship. Having completed the course I would love to give the gift of Tantra to all my 60 year old friends."   Gerry T.
  • "Both personally and as a couple we have transformed beyond recognition. The journey was incredibly beautiful and has given me a thirst for more. Each stage was like an initiation into more of me. I had been waiting for this all my life. Now it feels like Tantra is an integral part of my life, part of my relating, my mothering, my work and all other aspects. I keep attracting more love, joy and happiness as I share it with others. In gratitude." Almeerah H.