Vertical Reality 101

Vertical Reality 101           

The Vertical Moment

planet-earth-png-smaller.pngOverview/Course Goals: This course is a step by step process to unite you with your true, enlightened Being.

Vertical Reality 101 is a three day intensive where you will have the opportunity to learn to identify your "super-ego" in action, and stop the negative mind chatter that controls your life. You will learn techniques to identify and shift old patterns of belief that keep you from manifesting your heart's desire. You will experience the power of being in the "Vertical Moment" and understand this moment as enlightenment.

Encountering a body of information that permanently restructures your model of the physical world allows you to connect with Source in a new and powerful way, activating your vertical energy system. Through a process called "entrainment" you will learn how to align with nature and access the physical and non-physical energies that exist everywhere. An energetic shift will occur in your being that allows you to explore the power of integrating your entire being with All That Is. The tools and teachings of this course will support whatever spiritual path you have chosen and provide you with a greater connection to yourself and all of existence.

The Tachyonized Level 1 Vortex Pendant is the tool designed for this class and it supports your energetic shift as you continue to heal the fragmented wounds of your past and move into your true state of Being.

A Vortex Pendant is required.

A note from David Wagner regarding Vertical Reality

Vertical Reality™ is a culmination of my working with many thousands of students since 1986. It is a reflection of my own inner journey and is more than a concept or philosophy. Vertical Reality is a systematic process of liberation.

I am often asked what is it that I need liberation from? The answer - from the world of illusion. We all live in a self-created illusion that is run on an individual level by the "super-ego". We all have one. To know one’s super-ego is to begin to move out of the illusionary patterns that shackle us and into the vertical moment of enlightenment. My super-ego’s name is Larry. I have been confronting and developing methods to evolve Larry all my life and Vertical Reality is the outcome. The super-ego represents all that is not your true, enlightened Being, which exists within the vertical moment, and therefore it is not real! The unfortunate reality to this statement is that the world not only believes in their "larrys", but all environmental, humanitarian and personal atrocities are created and perpetuated the "larrys" of the world. Your larry is the last thing standing between you and the enlightened Being you already are! Vertical Reality employs new and powerful steps and techniques that have been proven to guide the seeker into a space of becoming the finder.

Vertical Reality is not a philosophy based on the above truths, but rather a step by step process to reunite you, moment by moment, to your true enlightened Being. It goes far beyond talking about the super-ego and shares with you the mechanics of disassembling and evolving your larry. It teaches you how to be in the vertical moment and to witness and then dissolve all that is not you. This is not another workshop series! This is the passageway back to you being you. Enlightenment, liberation, self realization, super-ego and larry are all just words and concepts to guide you back to your Being - who exists in the vertical moment.

If your path has brought you here, then embracing your destiny of living in the vertical moment is what life has all been leading to. The Vertical Reality series will guide you to a new and most profound state of being. The world is waiting for the age of enlightenment. You are an integral part of that age. And now is the time to realize who and what you really are.