Wholistic Wellness Pain Body Practitioner Training

What is the Pain Body?

In short: Wisdom of the pain body has been around for thousands of years. Spoken of in many ways. But when the idea of the pain body became a part of Eckert Tolle’s Power of Now series, Tolle brought the subject to light for millions of readers. If you have read Tolle’s accounting of the pain body, it is a solid interpretation. But what the reader can not realize, is that Tolle is only speaking of the cumulative energy fields. The issue is that cumulative energy fields represents only a part of the entire pain body. The part that is easiest to be seen by the ego structure. The real life-changing work comes from dissolving the Transient Energy Fields. But since this has not been popularized in any modern writings, we choose to tag along with the most popular literary term accepted by the masses. Especially since Tolle’s millions of global readers have interpreted the pain body an energy fields that must be dissolved and released.

In this training, you will learn how to incorporate an advanced release technique developed by Professor Wagner, along with specialized tools that assist in opening, expanding and dissolving both accumulative Energy Fields and the Transient Energy Fields. You will also have the chance to be on the table and experience why, this is one of the most profound liberating breakthroughs

Wagner has spent a lifetime uncovering the potential of Tachyonized tools, and has developed, and mastered Pain Body Release techniques. He has trained hundreds of therapists and Facilitated thousands of Pain Body treatments in Europe. This is life changing work. Work you can do for others. It is so powerful, it caught the eye of a documentary filmmaker in Europe who did a short film on a couple whose lives were changed forever.